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Dan Bornstein wants at least $10 million dollars for the domain Milk.com

Got $10 million dollars? Then *maybe* you could buy the domain Milk.com. That’s the starting point for the aged (registration: 1994) domain, according to its owner, Dan Bornstein, who loves milk. Dan’s done his research, and that involves knowing how big the milk and dairy product industry really is. Based on these numbers, he wants […]

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Sedo : The most expensive LLL .com domain listing ever!

The prices of LLL .com domains have gone considerably up in recent months; being used by corporations and also acquired by investors, these beauties have consistently appreciated in value. Just how expensive can a three letter  .com domain be? The price tag on JRA.com, as seen on this Sedo listing, is epic: $16,777,215 dollars. Or […]

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Mike Jabolwski – Retro Domainer attends TRAFFIC after a remarkable comeback from his illness!

For better or worse, Mike Jabolwski feels blessed that he uses Network Solutions as his domain registrar. The 35 year old father of two from Pensacola, Florida still stutters at times; still recovering from a stroke that sent him into a coma 10 years ago. “When I ppppassed out that dddday in September 1999 little […]

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