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ICANN eat well : Where is the budget money going

With strong budgets allocated to the success of the multi-stake holder model, ICANN officials made healthy earnings in 2016. To ensure transparency and honest disclosure of numbers related to budgets and wages, such financial statements and usage are released to the public. “Trips around the world are costly, and managers, whether middle or higher up […]

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Gastronomical orgasm: TRAFFIC 2014 gourmet menu unveiled

It’s going to be the domain conference extravaganza of the century – or of the past 10 years, at least – as Rick Schwartz promised. TRAFFIC 2014 in Miami, FL, will mark the 10th anniversary of the original domain conference, and the gourmet dishes served will blow everyone’s mind. “We will have the best food […]

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DomainGang introduces Food, Politics, Health & Sports sections

Following the paramount example of Domaining.com owner, Francois Carrillo, DomainGang.com is about to introduce several exciting new segments. “I believe that Francois did the right thing – in a French sort of way – to introduce RSS feeds from non-domaining sources briefly yesterday”, said Lucius, general manager of DomainGang. “By introducing news segments about Food, […]

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