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#02silverado .net : The #TLD doesn’t matter, as long as the #domain is cheap or free!

When you want to sell something on the Internet and need a domain, the extension itself doesn’t matter; what matters is the cost of the domain name. If that domain is free, or at least cheaper than a .com registration, the end result will be using that cheaper TLD. That’s the case with 02silverado.net, a […]

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Domain registration paradox and 100 free domains

When it comes down to promotional expenses, domain registrars often manage hefty budgets, spending thousands of dollars on Facebook and Google. Domain registration costs involve a $0.18 fee that goes to ICANN, and hence lies a certain paradox. By definition: “A statement or proposition that, despite sound (or apparently sound) reasoning from acceptable premises, leads […]

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No domain freebies: .CO.COM claims top spot in yesterday’s gTLD registrations

These days, there is a wide variety of TLDs and gTLDs available, all thanks to the widening of the Internet lanes by ICANN. Whether you like it or not, this type of expansion has created a secondary market, part of which is populated by new domain products. The .CO.COM registry is one such product, capitalizing […]

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