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Domain buy : #GoDaddy “service” continues to bombard #domain owners whose BIN prices are ignored!

GoDaddy brokers continue to blast domain owners with unsolicited emails, whose domain names are listed with a BIN price at other marketplaces. For a full 30 days, the GoDaddy “service” attempts to lure and solicit responses from the owners of domains that are clearly listed for sale with substantially higher prices. These BIN prices are […]

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GoDaddy: This message will not self-destruct in 20 seconds!

With the departure of Bob Parsons from active duty at GoDaddy, a couple of changes stand out. First, they placed a total recall on the use of buxom ladies – the so-called, GoDaddy Girls – disappointing thousands of men of all ages, who were prone to order more services accompanied by images of busts. Second, […]

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