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Marksmen : How brand and domain investigation is conducted

Marksmen is a company offering brand protection services to major corporations around the world. Their motto is “Discreet, Confidential, Relentless.” One of the Marksmen clients is Microsoft. Marksmen acquired the domain HoloLens.com on behalf of Microsoft, acting as a “middleman” in the transaction. This approach ensured that HoloLens.com was sold for just $6,750 dollars, instead […]

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Trademark application for ‘Holo’ : Microsoft planned ahead with HoloLens domain

Microsoft used Marksmen, a third party acquisition service – aka, proxy buyer – to buy the domain name HoloLens.com for a mere $6,750 and some pondered on the timeframe of their brand development. The domain was retained for less than a week by Marksmen, before Microsoft announced the launch of HoloLens and took over control […]

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Holovisions: Large domain portfolio holder entered the field 10 years ago

After the successful acquisition of HoloLens.com by Microsoft via the use of a proxy buyer, the holography market is once again in the limelight. A domain pioneer in the field, is HoloVisions LLC, a Minnesota company formed by domain investor, inventor and entrepreneur, Robert Connor. Connor’s company manages an impessive domain portfolio with such names as […]

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