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Nagasaki.com – Not what you expect to see

Today’s the 66th anniversary of the nuclear bombing of the Japanese city of Nagasaki on August 9, 1945. As many as 80,000 people died from the initial impact of the nuclear bomb and the fallout that ensued. The domain name Nagasaki.com was registered in 1995 and in late 1996 it served as a portal with […]

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Daryl says: Nukular disaster or war?

What’s up domainers? I hear that there’s some nukular disaster over there at Fukushima, Japan and people are battling it out with radiation and stuff. Fuk-u what? Then there is some carpet bombing in Libya, after mad dog Gaddafi decided that the Internet should not be free. Or something like that. Big mistake, towelhead. The […]

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Japan Donations: Not all countries able to contribute

An online chart depicting donations from Facebook users around the globe to quake-stricken Japan shows some interesting facts, that extend to the domain community as well. The chart, available as a slideshow depicts the amount of conversations – and thus, eventual donations – that originated from Facebook with Japan as the recipient. There are several […]

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