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So who is NOT attending Domainfest Santa Monica?

February 1st marks the day that Domainfest Global launches its 3-day conference. Many popular domainers live in California and the conference will essentially be a homecoming event. Those that will be attending from out of state, such as domain investor and developer Elliot Silver, will be flying cross-country for the opportunity to socialize and do […]

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Scandalous! Fabulous.com to offer double WHOIS shield

If you haven’t been reading the news, Rick Schwartz *almost* revealed the culprit of a scandalous data breach by a Moniker employee. Who is the guy? It doesn’t matter right now but it will matter after his name is revealed. 😉 Cashing on this spectacular “inner job” comes Fabulous.com with a new product: the Double […]

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