: 20 year old domain hit with #UDRP by music app makers

Two decades after was registered, a music app maker filed a UDRP to usurp the domain. While was registered in 2001, the Brime company was formed in 2020 and in 2021 they registered the mark BRIME with the USPTO. Despite the lack of a response by the Respondent, the sole panelist at the […]

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En-Powered Inc. d.b.a. EnPowered filed a UDRP against the domain but failed to convince the panel. The decision was made to deny the transfer, however, there was no finding of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking as the Respondent requested. The Respondent was represented by the law offices of Zak Muscovitch. Full details follow: En-Powered Inc. […]

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#RiskMethods .com : Lack of a #WHOIS update leads to a messy #UDRP

The domain was sold for 25,000 euro in 2017; allegedly, the new owner, Lever10 Inc., of Las Vegas, Nevada, failed to update the WHOIS information. Its former owner, Level2 LLC, was named as a Respondent in an ensuing UDRP. A German company with a registered trademark for RISKMETHODS stepped in, and filed a UDRP […]

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#TruckPro USA .com : Business gets hit with #UDRP, wins but no #RDNH finding

TruckPro LLC attempted to take the domain from its owners, a trucking business located in Tennessee, via the UDRP process. The domain is being actively used for products and services unrelated to those of the Complainant, and it’s not warehoused or parked for profit. The Respondent pointed out in their response to the UDRP: […]

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#DealMaker .com : Deal breaker over five figure #domain sale led to #UDRP

Two parties bargained on the domain but apparently the tentative $50,000 dollar deal fell apart. That was a few years back, and the party interested in the domainname, DealMaker, LLC of Watertown, New York, was able to secure the registration of the DEALMAKER trademark. Apparently, not getting the domain led them to file a UDRP […]

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WTF seriously? 21 year old domain was challenged in UDRP

Twenty one years! That’s how long ago Michael McGloin – the registrant of the domain, – decided to get this domain. In 1995 domain registrations cost $100 for two years and Network Solutions was the only domain registrar. Since then, has been used to host Michael McGloin’s personal portfolio of artistic designs: “I’ve […]

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