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Statoil: Here comes the first dot .Company UDRP and a story about the environment

Recently we’re witnessing an increase in the number of UDRP cases filed against new gTLD domains; yesterday it was about a dot .Menu domain and this one is about a dot .Company. The Complainant is Statoil ASA of Stavanger, Norway and they filed a UDRP for the domain name Statoil.company; the Respondent is Scandinavian Health […]

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Happy 200th anniversary to all Norwegian domainers!

Norway celebrates its 200th anniversary today, May 17th. The bicentennial marks the signing of the Norwegian constitution, in 1814, following Napoleon’s fall. Oddly, there are almost as many descendants of Norwegians in the US (4.5 million) as there are in Norway today (5 million). Norwegians form the 10th largest American ancestry group, and there are […]

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In the name of the Domain Lord: Thou shalt not Shoot

My dear domainer brothers and sisters, this is Father Domainicus and a late night Sunday sermon. Often times we are taught to be physically agile and to consume large amounts of protein, especially from processed red meat. While physical stamina is great, it often leads to mental imbalance. Consider the recent Norway massacre in Oslo, […]

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