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Poll: Are the .XYZ numbers ‘kosher’ or not?

The .XYZ launch has been making headlines for this past week. But is all publicity, good publicity? As Rick Schwartz said on Domain Sherpa regarding the registration numbers of .XYZ: “I’m sorry – that does not count to circulation, OK?” Aided by 64,693 .XYZ registrations at Network Solutions that are most likely ‘freebies’ to NetSol customers, […]

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Rick Schwartz bursts the XYZ bubble on epic Domain Sherpa video!

As part of the Sherpas team of domain investors, Rick Schwartz fully burst the dot .XYZ bubble and its artificially inflated numbers. The weekly Sherpa interview included Adam Dicker, Mike Berkens, Page Howe and Rick Schwartz – Michael Cyger is the moderator and owner of DomainSherpa.com. After being told by XYZ CEO, Daniel Negari, that […]

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Cherry popped: Rick Schwartz registers .XYZ domain name!

Did you have your .XYZ cherry popped yet, or are you one of the .XYZ haters? 😀 According to dot .XYZ CEO, Daniel Negari, a significant ‘endorsement’ of XYZ has occurred: Rick Schwartz has registered an XYZ domain name. Whoa nelly! Could it be Rick.xyz ? 😀 Negari’s tweet made it clear: “Popped rick Schwartz […]

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