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Bodis delivers Forum Unity speech – Acknowledges sale of NamePros

In a post that could be best described as a “forum unity speech“, the owner of Bodis.com acknowledged the acquisition of NamePros; something he had already disclosed here on DomainGang. “Confirming the acquisition of Namepros. Good job Acro and DomainGang team on figuring it out. I disagree with a lot of opinions on Dnforum being […]

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Breaking: Bodis buys NamePros domain forum

Apparently the rumors we talked about on Sunday were true: NamePros – the popular and populous domain name forum – has been transferred under new ownership. After noticing the move of the domains away from their registrars, DomainTools shows that NamePros.us has been moved as well. Unlike other domain registries, the Dot .US registry Neustar […]

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Rumor mill: NamePros being sold

A rumor is making the rounds about popular domain forum, NamePros being sold to a new ownership. The domain names NamePros.com, NamePros.us have been transferred to new registrars. NamePros founder and long time owner, Ron James made this statement on January 1st: Hello 2012. This is going to be a great year for the @DomainBuyer […]

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