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Seven Mile : Where the heck is Frank Schilling’s #domain blog?

A decade ago, Frank Schilling started blogging about domain names and life in general. His blog was based on the domain name SevenMile.com, a reference to the Seven Mile Beach on the Grand Cayman. Over the next seven years, Frank Schilling continued to blog occasionally at various intervals, sharing his thoughts on events that were […]

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Nespresso or Champagne? Frank Schilling’s mysterious naked lady

Frank Schilling’s return as a writing behemoth of all things related to domaining has been more than welcome. While Frank lacks the evangelical impact that Rick Schwartz’s words seem to have, he definitely is one of the three pillars of domaining; the third one being Dr. Kevin Ham – the man who owns the Internet. […]

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The Gospel of Brother Frank

My brothers, welcome to a special sermon by Father Domainicus, given by exception on a Saturday. Tomorrow Sunday, the day of our Domain Lord is occupied by fireworks – tools of satan – for the purpose of mindless jubilation for the creation of the American Nation. I will be short and particularly sweet, having sampled […]

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