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#GoDaddy took down 15,000 subdomains in hijacked accounts

GoDaddy has taken down 15,000 subdomains peddling a variety of “snake oil” products. According to a two year investigation, many of the domains they linked to were legitimate, belonging to customers whose accounts were apparently compromised. Products being sold from these domains were illegal, unregulated, contraband or fake. The money siphoned via this type of […]

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Candy, subdomains and Google Plus: Matt Cutts responds to Elliot

After seeing Elliot’s anxiety over his recent rebranding manifest into an open letter to Google’s SEO baron, Matt Cutts, we had to take action. We pulled some admittedly lengthy strings, and were able to get Matt Cutts write a response to Elliot. Not only that, but Matt Cutts also rolled a two-some, responding to Rick […]

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