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Ragazzo Greciano : Super Mario domains to become huge investment by 2027

Ragazzo Greciano, an established domain analysis expert from Napoli, Italy, prepared the latest report about the future of domain investing. Leveraging technology reports about online games and the proliferation of VR gadgets and teledildonics, Greciano’s report predicts how “Super Mario” domain names will increase in value in the next decade. “I play video game, Super […]

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Super Mario Bros : Turning 30 years old with a missing .com

It seems like yesterday when Nintendo released the iconic video game, Super Mario Bros. And yet, that was thirty years ago, in September 1985! 😀 Oh, how time flies! There was no commercial Internet back then, and although less than 100 domains had been registered already, Nintendo.com would have to wait ten more years. The […]

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