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#ICANN bans travel to #China and Hong Kong thanks to #Coronavirus

ICANN has issued a travel ban to China, Hong Kong and Macau, to its organization members. The travel ban applies to all staff and includes connecting flights. ICANN is citing the WHO classification of the Coronavirus as a Global Health Emergency as the reason for this extraordinary notice. How exactly does ICANN plan to enforce […]

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See you in court! Donald Trump’s tweet sends traffic to a law firm’s domain

Donald Trump lashed out at an appeal court’s decision to uphold the suspension of all travel bans, with the following message on Twitter: “SEE YOU IN COURT, THE SECURITY OF OUR NATION IS AT STAKE!” That statement begins with the phrase “See you in court,” a rather common litigation threat perhaps, but the fact that […]

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Travel ban : Domain investor from Domainistan arrived at NamesCon too late

A domain investor and sheik of Domainistan, a Middle East sultanate, arrived too late at NamesCon. Abdul Sakim Al Domayin, whose visa to the US was blocked thanks to the Donald Trump travel ban, made it to the Tropicana Hotel only yesterday. Unfortunately, he was informed that NamesCon 2017 was already over. “Is ridiculos, great […]

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