Frank Schilling loses vested interest in major domain after Obama’s State of the Union address

It looks as if the core of president Obama’s State of the Union speech was about the failing US economy, but come to think about it – that’s something discussed daily on every major news network. And fortunately, president Obama did not make any references to Apple’s new iPad gadget, a device that looks like […]

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Jilted Lover embarks on Domain Campaign – Mike Mann overtones?

Recent attempts by uber-domainer, Mike Mann to enforce visitation rights of his daughter Jessie, have been met with apparent disregard from his wife, Lynn Mann, and her legal team. Entangled in an ongoing bitter divorce, the and founder is currently displaying what appears to be his daughter’s messy room, on the URL […]

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It appears that old school domain forum, has been sold at a private auction. The winner is which will fork out at least $46,000 for the domain/web site & database of happy fellows and their posts over the course of seven years. The database includes banned members as well. Congratulations to the trio […]

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It was a great “domainer co-op” – a handful of uber-domainers chipped in and each bought a stake in the domain That glorious time in domain history occurred as the Dallas Cowboys withdrew their bid of $275,000 thinking it was … $275 and zero cents. Opportunity lost with no touchdown. So, for the grand […]

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