Nexus Requirement: Domainer threatens domainer over dropped .US domain

A domain investor whose .US domain expired and dropped is using some scare tactics to get it back from the new registrant, another domain investor. According to an email shared via Twitter, the former registrant of the .US domain name is threatening to file a report about non-compliance with the .US Nexus requirement. Popular domain […]

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Fake US Post Office SMS: Phishing campaign uses .US #domain names

A new phishing campaign utilizes SMS messages, sent from scammers that want you to believe there’s a problem with a package delivery. The SMS message states more or less the following: [Postal Service] Your package is on hold due to incomplete address information. Modify your address to ensure delivery per schedule. Visit [domain removed] The […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. – Another premium US holiday #domain going to waste

The premium, aged domain name is clearly going to waste. Undeveloped after 24 years, this 1996 registration does not even resolve. In 2017, showed a basic page about the meaning of “Memorial Day” sharing content about the fallen soldiers that are commemorated on this day. But not in recent years. Memorial Day is […]

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#Neustar : The existing operating contract for dot .US has been extended for another 10 years

Neustar announced that their existing contract with NTIA to operate the dot .US TLD has been extended for up to 10 years, until 2029. Dot .US is the official ccTLD of the United States of America, and Neustar – a kind sponsor of DomainGang – sent us the news in a press release. Said Lori […]

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Domain petition : Need only 99,998 more signatures to drop .US nexus requirements

The dot .US Registry, operated by Neustar, is the official country code top-level domain (ccTLD) provider for the United States of America. Dot .US is also the first allocated ccTLD, ever. Restrictions to .US domain registrations include US citizenship or residency and other “nexus” rules: Who can register a .US domain? Any U.S. citizen or […]

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