BODIS – How much did the domain sell for at Flippa ?


The domain name was sold on Flippa, after being listed for a few days; during that time, its seller changed the BIN several times, and added a portfolio of other domains as ‘freebies.’

cybersquatter : SOLD.

The term ‘cybersquatter‘ is considered extremely insulting to domain investors, and it’s a leftover from older times when anyone registering domains with the intent to resell was referred to as such.

We call it, the “C-word.”

Regardless, the domain might find positive use in the hands of an IP attorney that specializes in UDRP cases – or even, in the hands of Rick Schwartz, who likes controversial domains such as! 😀

We don’t know who bought the domain, but it did sell using the BIN option. The price: $3,000 dollars, exactly twice as much as its seller bought it for.

Meanwhile, is inviting offers of $50k at a minimum. Good luck with that!

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