DomainGang : Our 7th year and beyond


Happy New Year! It’s 2016! Holy molly! 😀

All of us at DomainGang would like to extend our best wishes to the great people of the domain industry.

What started as a repository blog for thoughts, news, and funny (or not so funny but quirky) stories, has evolved in the past 7 years into an industry-wide publication with a solid footprint.

It’s not just the breaking news about domain industry happenings, or the stories about industry monoliths that propel us on a daily basis.

With more than 5,600 articles about the wonderful world of domaining, we continue to provide our readers with unique content that informs and challenges, and motivates domainers to think outside the proverbial box.

Into the 7th year of our existence, we will continue uncovering the news that set us apart from copy-pasting publications and press release replicators; our article writing is based on research and unconventional thinking, along with tongue-in-cheek, humorous angles that give domain investors a break from their day’s challenges.

Chuckles aside, if your domains were stolen, we are known to help efficiently, giving you effective advice and direction in private, while exposing the domain theft in order to freeze your assets from further exploitation.

Lastly, a big thank you goes out to the companies and individual supporters that sponsor our daily content. They are kind domain industry members that show their support by advertising on our network; they receive extensive exposure, all while sharing the fun of being an important part of it all.

Your commitment and appreciation of what we do is something we are grateful about, and we pledge to continue with our objective coverage of services and products.

If you attend NamesCon 2016, the biggest domain conference of the year, we will be there. Walk up to us, use the secret handshake and say hi. 😀

Onto 2016, and beyond.

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