Domain crime : reported as stolen

Stolen domain:

We have received a report that is a stolen domain name; the same thief controls the stolen asset,

The domain has been offered for sale to domain brokers in private. Independent reviews confirmed that the domain is not in the possession of its lawful owner.

We also received proof that the same thief controls which is a stolen domain asset; has been listed for sale at Afternic, with a BIN price of $410,000 dollars. It is not clear if it was added by the thief, or the lawful owner.

If you are approached to acquire please note that it’s currently stolen.

Also check our monthly report on stolen domain names.

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3 Responses to “Domain crime : reported as stolen”
  1. Dn Ebook says:

    Thanks for letting us know

  2. Mazino says:

    One thing I don’t seem to understand is, why do domain name registrars harbour these thrives. If a domain have been reported stolen, there should suspend the domain and if possible the thief should be prosecuted. ICANN and and other internet regulatory bodies should give this a priority.

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