Heroes.com applies for #trademark registration at the USPTO

The registrant of Heroes.com, a 1996 domain, has applied for the registration of the mark HEROES.COM at the USPTO.

The trademark application was filed for the following services:

Dietary supplements; Gummy vitamins; Herbal supplements; Nutritional supplements; Topical analgesic creams; Herbal tinctures for medical purposes; Medicated skin care preparations, namely, creams, lotions, gels, toners, cleaners and peels; Nutritional supplements in the form of gummies

Drinkware; Mugs

Footwear; Hats; Shirts; Bottoms as clothing; Jackets; Tops as clothing; T-shirts

The trademark application for HEROES.COM was filed with an “intent to use” clause.

While there is no recorded sale for Heroes.com at NameBio, we know for a fact that the domain belongs to entrepreneur Christopher Ryall.

According to Mr. Ryall’s bio, he has owned the domain since 1995. We can thus safely assume that no fresh sale of the domain name took place. Heroes.com is now in a relaunch phase as its web site indicates.

Why was HEROES.COM applied for as a trademark at the USPTO?

It’s an ongoing trend among owners of generic domain names, following the decision by SCOTUS on the Booking.com trademark application.

Since then, dozens of generic domain names have been applied to be registered as trademarks, inclusive of the TLD. We keep track of these applications, and so far none has been decided upon.

As of January 5th, 2021, BOOKING.COM is a registered trademark with the USPTO.

Will these applications become the new norm? Watch this video from NamesCon Online 2020.

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