Chinese domain registry recalls Fake Domains

A new batch of Chinese .CN domains is counterfeit, according to China Daily News.

The Chinese domain Registry, ChinaNet has recalled a “substantial number” of counterfeit .CN domain names, according to China Daily News.

“This morning ChinaNet in cooperation with police identified and recalled more than five hundred thousand counterfeit .CN domain names”, said Lee Yo, spokesperson for ChinaNet.

“Most of the domains were produced in sweatshops in the Pin-Yan province in eastern China, which is known for its mass production of fake watches, iPhones and condoms.”

Plagued by a sea of counterfeit goods that are often shipped overseas, China is finally cracking down on items that are not licensed. In the case of ChinaNet, the microcode in the .CN domains was copied and the domains were thus authorized to resolve.

“Most of those counterfeit .CN domains resolved to Chinese stores selling other counterfeit products”, said Lee Yo. “We are in the process of establishing new methods and we are in touch with GoDaddy to ensure no counterfeit .CN domains reach the TDNAM auctions”, he added.

If you believe you bought a counterfeit .CN domain, contact the domain registrar immediately to issue a refund.

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