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Dear Chinese domain investors!

Made in China - the triple x version.

There are numerous domain investors in China.

This is an open letter to all the legitimate, hard-working domain investors from China.

After numerous cases of domain hijacking and domain theft from individuals originating in the Chinese mainland, it is time to address the issue among your peers.

China’s economy is expanding in leaps and bounds, and it’s slated to surpass in volume that of the US in the very near future.

While consumerism is questionable, capitalism is not so bad when compared to decades of no access to international trade.

Chinese entrepreneurs can be charismatic and work hard to proudly demonstrate their wisdom and skills.

The challenge is to succeed without resorting to activities that break the law of China, or international law.

Chinese domainers must renounce the practices of a few that affect China overall. Domain thieves from China hurt the image of Chinese domainers as a whole.

It is important to understand that trading stolen domain names isn’t any different than trading tangible stolen items, such as cars, electronics or money.

By supporting domain registrars that allow the trading of stolen domains, or that make it impossible to reclaim domain names that have been stolen, you are hurting China’s domainer community.

You can make a difference in your local domainer community and for the wonderful world of domain investing.

Thank you for spreading the word of fair, professional domain trading.

谢谢 !

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2 Responses to “Dear Chinese domain investors!”
  1. Tom says:

    Anyone else getting a ton of random emails in chinese on their 4L.com’s, like wildfire, can’t stop them,

    They are basically looking for $10 deals.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Tom – Absolutely. That’s another issue that needs to be addressed!

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