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DNForum: Scammer Starlita Similien arrested in Panama City, FL

Starlita Similien arrested.

Starlita Similien, an unrepentant scammer whose arrest rapsheet matches the size of a 900-post long thread at DNForum, has been arrested in Panama City, Florida.

Posing as an attorney, the 30-year old who was going under the alias “Andrea DeLuca” was paid $1,000 by a woman to perform a series of legal tasks she’s not qualified for.

According to the Panama City News Herald, Starlita Similien was arrested after the victim reported the theft. Posing as Andrea DeLuca, Starlita Similien had rented an office in downtown Panama City and was luring in victims.

Starlita Similien has numerous arrests for theft, fraud and physical violence in at least three states: Washington, Texas and Florida.

The Bay County Sheriff’s office has set up a Facebook page about her recent arrest. If you have been defrauded, please contact the Sheriff’s office atย 850-747-4700 and ask for Investigator Paul Vecker.

In her recent string of fraudulent activities, Starlita Similien created the web site ineedalead.com through which she commissioned and defrauded members of the BlackHatWorld Forum, an online community about SEO and affiliate marketing opportunities.

On Facebook, posing both as a female by the name “Andrea DeLuca” and as a male by the name “Andy DeLuca”, Starlita Similien befriended domain investors and launched the page “I Rebuild Credit“. The page had a matching web site, irebuildcredit.com.

Both irebuildcredit.com and ineedalead.com were hosted for free by a BlackHatWorld Forum member, who since the news of her fraudulent personality broke out, terminated her accounts; but not before posting on Similien’s twitter account that she is a fraud.

As “Andy DeLuca” of “I Rebuild Credit”, Starlita Similien befriended dozens of unaware domain investors on LinkedIn, such as Ted Olson, Andrew Rosener, Divyak Turakhia, Donny Simonton, Monte Cahn, Ammar Kubba and others.

Her LinkedIn page states that she is a marketing analyst and credit counselor and a graduate of John Carroll University – none of which is true:

“My goal is to help as many people as I can to enable them to restore their credit & start living a debt free life. I want to help people understand the choices they have that impact their way of life. I have been in debt crisis and it was not a fun experience. If I can help others create a better path for themselves then I am satisfied.”

On her right arm, Starlita Similien has a tattoo of an Italian and an American flag crossing, tattoos on her legs, and has a disfigured right arm and hand; according to several domainers that spoke to her on the phone in the past, she is also lisping. None of these physical impediments stood as an obstacle in the past to social-engineer her way and defraud others.

Her technique involves the casual approach regarding domain investment, development, marketing and affiliate links exchange, often claiming to offer those services for free.

Starlita Similien often alternates between a female and a male persona, in order to create the false impression that she has associates. She often uses resources such as phone numbers, addresses and names of friends or people that she befriends, without their knowledge.

There are numerous arrest mug shots of Starlita Similien on the Internet, who often goes by the following aliases:

  • Star Similien
  • Patty or Patrice Similien
  • Andy DeLuca
  • Andrea DeLuca

With the extensive publication of her recent arrest, dozens of victims are expected to come forward.

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14 Responses to “DNForum: Scammer Starlita Similien arrested in Panama City, FL”
  1. Guy says:

    good detective work
    thanks for heads up, let’s hope the US law enforcement live up to their tough reputation this time instead of a slap on the wrist

  2. Well Done!
    A 3 year old saga brought to a close and an arrest made.
    Congrats to JohnH, Tia, you and all the others that sniffed this out.

  3. Lucius "Gunz" Fabrice says:

    Guy – Let’s hope so, she’s been arrested numerous times and gets out on parole. Needs to stay in prison for a few years to change her attitude for good.

    Rick – Thank you, it’s insane how long this has been going on: scam, arrest, scam, arrest etc. With a warrant in Texas she’s expected to stay behind bars for a long time, after she’s done with her Florida crimes.

  4. Guy says:

    yep, well the two people above me are amongst the most solid guys when it comes to deals.

    ‘Patty’ is one of life’s sociapaths and uses her unfortunate appearance to con people and doesn’t care who she cons

    here is another sickening act of hers.
    I am a huge dog lover and animal lover, this just pisses me off
    I know how much Rick loves his animals too from when he has blogged about his dogs and cats.

  5. Lynne Fakler says:

    My name is Lynne and I am Starlita’s Aunt. I can not believe how many chances or should I say ” Get Out Of Jail Free Chances Starlita has allowed. My heart is filled with such sadness, anger and Not on my watch emotions I really have a hard time focusing on what I am trying to say. I am overwhelmed with emotions of guilt because I wonder if I could have done something sooner t stop her insanity and protect others from her evil scamming ways. I am so sorry for all of the lifes that Starlita affected and I do know what it feels like to be scammed by her, it is a never ending thinking game in my head. A WISHA COULDA SHOULDA.
    She scammed her uncle & I in many many way and for years. ” She really is a professional”
    I contacted the florida jail and I asked what Starlita Patrice Similien what are the charges against her and can she make bail? Theft / 2 Counts and she has 2 bonds-1 for 10.000 and 1 for 15.000. I asked the question, If she can make bail for both bonds will she be released? Yes!! I was dizzy for a second and I said what! How does se keep getting out..I said she has warrents in Washington State-Oregon-Texas and she can make bail!! Yes-we can only hold and charge her for crimes done in the State of Florida. I asked how she can be listed as Andrea J Deluca when her name is Starlita Patrice Similien?
    It was suggested that I contact a detective and ask my questions-I was tranferred to a Detective Halton-I asked the same questions and I said please do not let her get out-she will only scam more -The detective said-You know” You can contact the sheriff department in the other states and let them know she is in custody. I first call Seattle Police- King County Police-Kent Police Department-Round Rock Texas-Little Rock Texas-I am still trying to get through to Oregon-I asked how she can have so many names -and how can she be booked under the Deloce name when in fact her real birth given name is Starlita? The asked if I could get her SS# if they had that they could seriously connect the dots. I told the detective I can provide the correct SS# for her as soon as I find it. After Starlita’s mom ( my sister ) passed away, Starlita was awarded to the State and we asked to give her a home after-all she is family We were not a close family ad we had only seen Starlita a few times before she came to live with us. She was six. She was award of the state so she received state medical assistant and that paperwork had her SS# on it. BINGO! I called but they were already out of the office until Monday.Ithink they are three hours ahead of Washington. I do see the information I passed over to the agents is already been circulating cause he arrest record intake info and her mug shot info has been changed and updated with her real name. I am rambling and it is a emotional issue for me..Starlita came to live with us and we were so excited to have her-we could not have kids of our own so she was welcomed with open arms. The first year was all about her and getting her in school & she had speail medical needs so we enrolled her in additional learning classes she had her very own everything.. She acted so happy–Our nightmare had just began..Honest our lifes were turned upside down. My husband and I were so drained from the everyday dama that never stopped–The word evil is all that comesto mind. She was a professional lier and theft at the age of 7. She was sneaky-quite-tell story after story and do drama after drama after drama that after six years of hell-we lost the will to want to care for her and so we placed her in foster care.
    My emotions are going crazy. I need to stay focused here..I will not stop making calls until I know she will not be released. I contacted three of the four people who have be waiting for restatution payments since 2002 and she currently has a warrent for this case. She has a DUI caswe FTA anf Suppling False information-Theft-Charges/Warrent-She is famous for dinning and dashing. Theft -Theft and we all know the rest. I would think Texas would really want to get her back after all the attorney stuff that took place several years back..I only know what I have read in Forum-I will continue to read up on her ad help anyway I can.

  6. Lucius "Gunz" Fabrice says:

    Lynne – Thank you for making this post.

    It is definitely hard to be family of a person that does not want to live a normal life. Starlita needs medical intervention for life. I’m very sorry to hear what you had to go through, however, she is now 30 years old and not a kid anymore and needs to be responsible for her own acts.

    Here is a link to the person she recently defrauded of $3,000, by posing as an attorney: http://www.empoweredlife.biz/blog/2012/07/14/fraud-theft-and-lies-oh-my/

  7. Robyn says:

    I am the VA scammed for $3000 in wages. “Andy” as I knew her kept me hanging… and she’s quite personable, so I bought into it. We were in constant contact and I fell for her every lie. She is a scary individual. I hope that she is stopped now.

  8. Lucius "Gunz" Fabrice says:

    Robyn – She can’t be stopped unless you submit the information to the authorities and press charges. She’s a serial con with no scruples.

  9. Melly says:

    Another one bites the dust.

  10. Lynne Fackler says:

    She is out???WTF

  11. Lynne Fackler says:

    Why is she out then. She got out on probation.

  12. Lucius "Gunz" Fabrice says:

    Lynne Fackler – Are you really her aunt? You should tell us how she did it.

  13. Heavy Balls says:


    popcorn may get reopened : COMPLIANCE CREATED: COLLECTIONS DUE DATE REQUIRED BY: 08/29/2015

    16 months if Patty hasn’t been paid, it will be the sherrifs/marshalls chasing her
    I would pay for that show to be filmed live lol

  14. Jamie DeLuca says:

    I was a piece of work. I constantly ask myself, what in the world was I thinking? Why was I this way? You know, Robyn is awesome. She is probably the most forgiving individuals I know. When I got out, mind you being sober and in prison. It can do two things to you..

    1. Scare the bad right out of you <—- This was me..
    2. You will keep doing stupid stuff because you obviously like being in prison.

    In my clear mind, I'd like you all to hear me apologize to ALL the people that I have hurt in my path of self destruction. It was uncalled for and after I left my aunt. You guys don't know my aunt, but this woman is a master of negativity & manipulation. When I came to my aunt, I was a kid. A kid who lost her mom, dad nowhere around, brother gone.. My aunt, and I hate to do this and say this but stating facts, was a drunk, an angry mean drunk. Who beat on me. I lived in a time where it was damned if I do, damned I don't. I constantly lived in a state of fear because her wrath was scary. My aunt claims she wants to help me at this turn and that turn but what type of aunt would turn against you, lie to you and lead you to believe that they were there to help you but really weren't. I have had to cut my aunt off for good because in my eyes, if you have sinned. You have no business judging me. My aunt has done that all my life with her. Remember, damned if I do, damned if I don't.

    Yes, I needed a prison time out. I was out of control. I was angry and hurt at the world and through my charismatic awesomeness, I was able to use that not for good but for my own pleasures. For my own needs.

    What a selfish piece of shit I was. I was unhealthy, drinking heavily. I was 350 lbs!

    Now, I am out of prison. I am doing the college thing. I have tried to make amends with people with the money I do have. I joined a church. I lost a lot of weight, and I started that path from the get go to redemption. Taking care of me by asking forgiveness from those who I have hurt.

    I want to be that example, the one where people learn from my mistakes, my red flags that make you wonder whether you are being scammed or not.
    I will tell people that promises of big money or hard to acquire domains are phantoms, lies and anyone who tries to convince you otherwise. Is lying.

    I truly am sorry, this prison experience not only opened my eyes to what's REALLY the problem, but it's helped me understand where I truly need to direct my energy. I have a crazy story to tell, that I don't want to just use as a gain, but as HIS gain. I am not a bible thumping lesbo now, but I am intuned with my spiritual journey. I am very much into this verse alone. Romans 8:32 If God is for us, then what can be against us, truly?

    I struggle with my identity, I struggle with my sexuality.. Guess, what I am finally okay with it. I wouldn't take back my life experiences. I just have to move on, become a better me. Lead by example. Not by b.s.

    I am a great person, I am told this every day. Prison scared me. Turning into my aunt scares me..

    I wish everyone the best of success..

    Jamie DeLuca

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