DNForum: Scammer Starlita Similien arrested in Panama City, FL

Starlita Similien arrested.

Starlita Similien, an unrepentant scammer whose arrest rapsheet matches the size of a 900-post long thread at DNForum, has been arrested in Panama City, Florida.

Posing as an attorney, the 30-year old who was going under the alias “Andrea DeLuca” was paid $1,000 by a woman to perform a series of legal tasks she’s not qualified for.

According to the Panama City News Herald, Starlita Similien was arrested after the victim reported the theft. Posing as Andrea DeLuca, Starlita Similien had rented an office in downtown Panama City and was luring in victims.

Starlita Similien has numerous arrests for theft, fraud and physical violence in at least three states: Washington, Texas and Florida.

The Bay County Sheriff’s office has set up a Facebook page about her recent arrest. If you have been defrauded, please contact the Sheriff’s office at 850-747-4700 and ask for Investigator Paul Vecker.

In her recent string of fraudulent activities, Starlita Similien created the web site ineedalead.com through which she commissioned and defrauded members of the BlackHatWorld Forum, an online community about SEO and affiliate marketing opportunities.

On Facebook, posing both as a female by the name “Andrea DeLuca” and as a male by the name “Andy DeLuca”, Starlita Similien befriended domain investors and launched the page “I Rebuild Credit“. The page had a matching web site, irebuildcredit.com.

Both irebuildcredit.com and ineedalead.com were hosted for free by a BlackHatWorld Forum member, who since the news of her fraudulent personality broke out, terminated her accounts; but not before posting on Similien’s twitter account that she is a fraud.

As “Andy DeLuca” of “I Rebuild Credit”, Starlita Similien befriended dozens of unaware domain investors on LinkedIn, such as Ted Olson, Andrew Rosener, Divyak Turakhia, Donny Simonton, Monte Cahn, Ammar Kubba and others.

Her LinkedIn page states that she is a marketing analyst and credit counselor and a graduate of John Carroll University – none of which is true:

“My goal is to help as many people as I can to enable them to restore their credit & start living a debt free life. I want to help people understand the choices they have that impact their way of life. I have been in debt crisis and it was not a fun experience. If I can help others create a better path for themselves then I am satisfied.”

On her right arm, Starlita Similien has a tattoo of an Italian and an American flag crossing, tattoos on her legs, and has a disfigured right arm and hand; according to several domainers that spoke to her on the phone in the past, she is also lisping. None of these physical impediments stood as an obstacle in the past to social-engineer her way and defraud others.

Her technique involves the casual approach regarding domain investment, development, marketing and affiliate links exchange, often claiming to offer those services for free.

Starlita Similien often alternates between a female and a male persona, in order to create the false impression that she has associates. She often uses resources such as phone numbers, addresses and names of friends or people that she befriends, without their knowledge.

There are numerous arrest mug shots of Starlita Similien on the Internet, who often goes by the following aliases:

  • Star Similien
  • Patty or Patrice Similien
  • Andy DeLuca
  • Andrea DeLuca

With the extensive publication of her recent arrest, dozens of victims are expected to come forward.

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