listed on DomainNameSales

Dot .Domainer will take over the domainersphere by storm.

Leeching typo-traffic from your very host?

Frank Schilling’s highly successful DNS platform boasts 1.852 million domain names utilizing its services, by the latest nameserver count.

Designed from the ground up as both an intuitive domain sales venue and a parking/PPC platform, DomainNameSales recently made some big waves with the release of two quality videos.

Meanwhile, the domain name an obvious typo for dyslexic or careless domainers – is surprisingly listed at DomainNameSales and parked at Internet Traffic, sucking in typo-traffic.

WHOIS records indicate that the domain name is not owned by Frank’s company, and yet it’s apparently capitalizing on typo-traffic of its very host!

We can’t be certain how this domain got approval to be listed in the first place, and surely, there’s a fix for this glitch coming up. 😉

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!


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5 Responses to “ listed on DomainNameSales”
  1. Konstantinos Zournas says:

    Nice find!

  2. DomainGang says:

    Konstantinos – I found out by entering the obvious typo in my browser.

  3. Vin Jacques says:


  4. Andrea Paladini says:

    the homepage now says “Domain not active” … lol …

  5. DomainGang says:

    Andrea – Looks like DNS removed it from its list of parked domains. The domain is using the DNS nameservers still.

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