Domainer Bollywood Day 2014: India’s best and biggest domain conference

Puranjay Raja Bibek

Puranjay Raja Bibek

The biggest domain conference in India is about to take the world by storm, featuring a large roster of local entrepreneurs and international domain sponsors.

The brainchild of Puranjay Raja Bibek, an Indian multi-level marketing expert and call-center guru, Domainer Bollywood Day 2014 is expected to attract thousands of attendees, domain professionals from India and the world.

“At a family gathering in Mumbai I asked my uncle Sanjay Gupta what is missing from modern day India, and we both agreed that large cities such as Hyderabad and New Delhi could use more domain conferences,” said Puranjay Raja Bibek.

“This way, more people can use the indoor hotel toilets, for a change,” added Puranjay Raja Bibek, finishing off some momos.

Domainer Bollywood Day 2014 has already amassed hundreds of followers on Facebook, using a smart campaign that utilizes the looks and smarts of Mary Smith, a young Indian beauty from Mumbai.

“I studied communications at the University of New Delhi and I’m so happy that I’ll be helping out with the other fellow Indian domainers,” says Mary Smith.

Finally, I will get to meet the very people I’ve been emailing non stop for months, to buy our domain names!” exclaims Smith.

Among the guest speakers, some major domainer celebrities: Adam Dicker, Mike Mann, Rick Schwartz, Frank Schilling, Sahar Sarid, Elliot Silver, Mike Berkens, Michael Cyger, Ron Jackson and others.

Bollywood celebrities will also be present , making Domainer Bollywood Day 2014 the absolute event to attend. Other celebrities attending include Madonna, Britney Spears, The Queen, Lady Gaga, Lana del Rey and LeBron James.

If you are a serious domain investor eager to sample some spectacular prawn korma or chicken curry, these will be offered at discounted prices during the conference.

Don’t miss out on Domainer Bollywood Day 2014 – it’s the place to be if you are a serious domain investor, entrepreneur, SEO manager, or simply an Indian food aficionado.


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