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Puranjay Raja Bibek fuming over DomainX success in India

Puranjay Raja Bibek, the Indian dot .Momo millionaire was visibly dejected, after the paramount success of the rival DomainX domain conference. Sweating and cussing, the overweight founder of Domainer Bollywood Day – a copycat conference in India that barely gathered 275 participants – refused to make any statements. The DomainX conference was organized by the […]

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Puranjay Raja Bibek: India’s dot .Momo millionaire takes over Bollywood

Indian domain entrepreneur, Puranjay Raja Bibek, walks in downtown Mumbai, accosted by seven bodyguards. The ingenious investor and marketing guru has a passion for domain names, gTLDs, and momos – the Indian dumplings that are consumed by the millions daily. Showing off his financial prowess by wearing a shirt made out of 24 karat gold, […]

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Domainer Bollywood Day 2014: India’s best and biggest domain conference

The biggest domain conference in India is about to take the world by storm, featuring a large roster of local entrepreneurs and international domain sponsors. The brainchild of Puranjay Raja Bibek, an Indian multi-level marketing expert and call-center guru, Domainer Bollywood Day 2014 is expected to attract thousands of attendees, domain professionals from India and […]

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