Puranjay Raja Bibek: India’s dot .Momo millionaire takes over Bollywood

Indian domain entrepreneur, Puranjay Raja Bibek, walks in downtown Mumbai, accosted by seven bodyguards.

The ingenious investor and marketing guru has a passion for domain names, gTLDs, and momos – the Indian dumplings that are consumed by the millions daily.

Showing off his financial prowess by wearing a shirt made out of 24 karat gold, Puranjay Raja Bibek prepares for Domainer Bollywood Day 2014, India’s best and biggest domain conference.

“We’re launching dot .Momo during Domainer Bollywood Day 2014 as a strong indication of how domain investors are ready to expand into India,” says Puranjay Raja Bibek, proudly showing off the dot .Momo logo.

“Food and entertainment is what Domainer Bollywood Day is all about, many western rock stars will attend: Madonna, Sting, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Police, Lady Gaga and a hologram of Michael Jackson,” adds Puranjay Raja Bibek, eating another momo.

Ongoing promotions of the upcoming domain conference on Facebook and other social media is strong; when there is no time to actually book a highway billboard, Puranjay Raja Bibek orders his team of designer wizards to create one mockup in Photoshop.

“Domainer Bollywood Day 2014 will bring professionals in India together, and we will make it happen even by pumping up the attendance numbers a tiny bit,” says Puranjay Raja Bibek, showing off his golden shirt.

So far foreign delegates such as Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin and North Korean supreme leader, Kim Jong-un, have committed to attend Domainer Bollywood Day 2014.

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Puranjay Raja Bibek sporting a gold shirt and the dot .Momo gTLD.

Puranjay Raja Bibek sporting a gold shirt and the dot .Momo gTLD logo.

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