Domainer conference: First NameProsFest a complete success!

The first NameProsFest domain conference ended earlier today in San Diego, California, after 24 hours of non-stop domain action, sales, gaming and debates.

Sponsored by Pepsi, the domain conference was produced by the domain forum NamePros, popular with teenage domain flippers and soccer moms that occasionally delve in domaining.

“It was cool to meet other members, I got to high-five xbor20 and Flipstor yesterday, and Mom4domains, BigJohn and Squiggles15 today,” said Marcus Mayhem, a 16 year old domainer from New York who goes by the moniker “KolaKid” on NamePros.

“Definitely worth the $45 dollar fee dude, I learned so much, including how to edit PDF files to massage traffic reports for domains and sell them on eBay, #yolo !” exclaimed KolaKid.

NameProsFest 2013

NameProsFest 2013

After attending high-priced domain conferences for years, Mattowner of NamePros – decided that enough is enough.

“Monetizing the thousands of faithful members of NamePros was my goal, when I acquired the forum from its original owner,” said Matt, who also runs the highly-acclaimed parking company, Bodis.

“I love these guys, they are young and excitable and we came up with an one-day conference plan that left everyone happy in the end!” added Matt.

Some details of the activities have leaked in various other domain forums, that are now planning to copy the success of NamePros by introducing similar events for domainers.

“NamePros has the advantage of young readership, for sure,” said DNForum owner, Adam Dicker. “We are older folks here on DNForum, in fact the average age at DNForum is close to 43, versus 17.5 at NamePros, so we need to approach old, grumpy folks a bit differently!” exclaimed Dicker, chuckling.

The new type of domainer conferences will most definitely help revitalize the domain industry, that is ailing due to a persistently bad economy.

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