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Domainer conference: First NameProsFest a complete success!

The first NameProsFest domain conference ended earlier today in San Diego, California, after 24 hours of non-stop domain action, sales, gaming and debates. Sponsored by Pepsi, the domain conference was produced by the domain forum NamePros, popular with teenage domain flippers and soccer moms that occasionally delve in domaining. “It was cool to meet other […]

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Chicks with dot coms: Central Florida domain brokers close deal after deal

Nancy Holdem and Audrey Peters graduated from the University of Central Florida this year; the 50th anniversary of the University has attracted many New Englanders to study down south. Known as the CFL Twins, the two Connecticut natives majored in Communications, and are using their education to engage buyers and sellers of domain names quite […]

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YOLO! DNForum opens its gates to teenage domainers

DNForum, the #1 domain name forum for professionals, is having a drastic redesign scheduled for the end of June. No longer catering just to middle-aged domainers that are often prone to engaging in grumpy exchanges, DNForum is now opening its gates to the YOLO generation, teenager domainers. “I was like, NamePros is cool, dude, and […]

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