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DNForum: Popular domain forum built on XenForo ‘steroids’

If you have been a long term user of the popular domain forum, DNForum.com, you’ll appreciate the recently implemented upgrades. Moving on from the sluggish, slow, snail-paced monstrosity of a forum software – vBulletin for short – DNForum rolled out a reboot of its community. DNForum now runs on XenForo, a lightweight forum software platform […]

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YOLO! DNForum opens its gates to teenage domainers

DNForum, the #1 domain name forum for professionals, is having a drastic redesign scheduled for the end of June. No longer catering just to middle-aged domainers that are often prone to engaging in grumpy exchanges, DNForum is now opening its gates to the YOLO generation, teenager domainers. “I was like, NamePros is cool, dude, and […]

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