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Frank Schilling : Branding will develop an entirely new meaning


Frank Schilling, Uniregistry founder.

Uniregistry founder, Frank Schilling, was quoted today in an article about brands, new gTLDs and Generation Z’ers.

The Entrepreneur article is titled “4 Ways Gen Z Will Change Company Culture” and Frank Schilling’s statement is about freelancers and domain brands.

Said Frank:

“Freelancers have a once-in-a-generation opportunity before them to buy domain names in new extensions and to secure the best names for their future.”

Companies will have to think about their brand and culture within the context of a larger ecosystem, one that includes many personal brands working together within the framework of shared values.

There is a small error in the Entrepreneur article, referring to .gaming as one of the new gTLDs available. There are, however, .game and .games.

The article concludes thus:

“As it takes over more of the workforce, the rising freelancer economy will have a transformative effect on company culture as we know it. The companies that accept and adapt to these changes will see benefits for not only their freelancers and Gen Z employees, but also for everyone in their organizations.”

For the full article, visit Entrepreneur.com.

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17 Responses to “Frank Schilling : Branding will develop an entirely new meaning”
  1. Mark Thorpe says:

    Then they will upgrade to .com, when they realize all the traffic leakage they are losing to .com.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Mark – Millions of ccTLDs do just fine without the .com, the same for other TLDs and gTLDs. Domainers use this myth as an excuse to sit on undeveloped domains. ANY extension developed can be just fine. Undeveloped, that’s another story.

  3. DomainGang says:

    Mark – But you just bought a .in ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Mark Thorpe says:

    I disagree about new gTLDs and always will.

  5. Eric Lyon says:

    Personally, I say it’s way too early for most the new gtld’s to have in the way of “undeveloped” value. As Theo already pointed out, the value in the new tld’s infancy will be in development. From there, after lots of exposure with real world branding, they will start to see an increase in raw, undeveloped value. Don’t hold your breath though, it’s going to take a while. Eventually, it will happen.

    On the flip side, as a salesman, if you can present a domain (regardless of extension) effectively, you can can still create the inspirational illusion of value to potential buyers looking to build a brand online. Once they develop, the ball starts rolling towards my personal opinion above.

  6. Jimbo says:

    “Freelancers have a once-in-a-generation opportunity…”

    Hardly. There are now so many z-grade extensions that there’s absolutely no hurry to grab one. You could wait decades and there will still be a limitless number of confusing and worthless domains that they can’t give away for a dollar.

  7. Raymond Chai says:

    Hidden Advantages of a Relevant Domain Name Extension

  8. Mark Thorpe says:

    The domain name market was set over 20 years ago, it chose .com and still does today. This is why I choose .com over everything else and always will.

  9. DomainGang says:

    Mark – Contradictions don’t help: i.e. if ccTLDs do the job just fine, gTLDs can do it also (and Google says, better.) But if you stick to what you do, you always get what you expect to get. Convenience holds many domain investors back.

  10. Mark Thorpe says:

    .Net has been around as long as .com and it has 35% traffic leakage to .com and .co has 60% traffic leakage to .com. Those are the best domain extension alternatives to .com. IMO.
    I’ll take my chances with .com.

  11. DomainGang says:

    Mark – The “leakage” is a myth perpetuated by domain investors that never developed web sites and brands.

  12. Mark Thorpe says:

    Tell that to Rick Schwartz and Mike Mann than.

  13. Mark Thorpe says:

    I feel like i am talking to Frank Schilling. Seems more like his words.

  14. Primus says:

    The logical conclusion is that TLDs will become widely accessible and supersede second level domains, which are unnecessary. It is arbitrary that someone should be forced to settle on http://www.home.primus or http://www.primus.org when they could have http://www.primus

  15. Steve says:

    Leakage is a myth???? O.co 60+% fact.

  16. DomainGang says:

    Mark – Many rational people choose progress versus old school bickering, Frank and myself included.

    Steve – You do realize O.co never leaked any traffic? That O.co still works? And that O.com was never a live destination? 100% fact.

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