#FurnitureFinancing .com : Just sold via the Escrow.com #domain concierge service

Furniture financing accounts for the majority of furniture sales in the US. Nobody pays full cash these days, and by financing a furniture sale retailers get a piece of the finance pie from the bank.

The domain name FurnitureFinancing.com was just sold via the Escrow.com Domain Concierge service.

FurnitureFinancing.com has been sold via Escrow.com – Photo by Phillip Goldsberry on Unsplash

Registered in 2005, FurnitureFinancing.com is now in the possession of Miami Furniture, a company that sells furniture directly from their warehouse in Miami, Florida:

“We are one of the best among the few comparable places to find quality furniture in Miami, FL at affordable prices!”

FurnitureFinancing.com now forwards to MiamiFurniture.com, and while there are no SEO benefits from URL forwarding, we hope the company will reap the benefits of owning a generic term by creating a portal linking to their furniture warehouse web site.

For more information, visit FurnitureFinancing.com.

Note: Escrow.com provides Domain Concierge services; they are also an advertiser on DomainGang. We obtained this information independently and this post is not an advertisement.

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