Jared Ewy: A comedian who just so happens to work for Name.com

If you’re familiar with the entertaining videos coming out of the Name.com stable, then you’ve probably seen Jared Ewy – the Community and Social Media Evangelist.

Jared’s primary role is that of the online voice of the company, who’s priding itself for its laid back, casual – yet effective – approach to the domain registrar business.


Often casting himself as a character that we invented, Jared becomes ‘Vic Dixon’, the obnoxious VP of Name.com whose double entendres and pure 1970’s political incorrectness brings fun back to the workplace.

But Jared isn’t just a Name.com employee who just so happens to be a comedian; he’s actually a stand-up comedy veteran who just so happens to work for Name.com. 😀

You can watch one such instance right below, or peruse Jared’s other videos at this link.

Great stuff, Jared!

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