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Mike Mann’s tax gem #domains are priced just right!

After the news of the sale of Taxes.com broke, domain investor Logan Flatt quipped about how the .com cannot be used for a Texas car tag.

Brint Ryan, the Ryan, Inc. CEO, is driving a Mercedes with TAXCOM tags, as his company also owns the domain Tax.com.

But TAXESCOM is eight characters long.

In order to use the plural form with 7 letters, it’d have to be TAXESCO – and domain investor Mike Mann happens to own the domain Taxes.co. 😀

How much does Mike want for the domain? Not even $100k, according to this capture below from the Domain Market lander!

An asking price of $94,888 dollars is peanuts for Ryan, Inc. As a bonus, Mike Mann might throw in Taxes.com.co – a value of $4,888 dollars. 😀

Taxes.co – Owned by Mike Mann

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