‘Starlita Patrice Similien’ aka ‘Andrea Jamie Deluca’ sentenced to 36 months in Florida state prison

Starlita Similien, also known as Andrea Jamie Deluca, in an older picture.

Starlita Similien, also known as Andrea Jamie Deluca, in an older picture.

Domainers should rejoice: serial scammer, ‘Starlita Patrice Similien’ aka ‘Andrea Jamie Deluca’ was hammered with a 36 month sentence in a Florida court, on Thursday.

The unrepentant gender bender who sometimes went as ‘Andy Deluca‘ sporting a fake goatee, was found guilty on all charges and her probation was revoked.

Having found guilty on three felonies, two for grand theft and one for misrepresenting herself as a lawyer, Starlita Similien was shown leniency several months ago; regardless, she violated her probation terms twice and committed more crimes in the process.

According to public records at the Bay County clerk of court, Starlita Similien was sentenced to a maximum imprisonment of 36 months, with credit for time served of 154 days.

This means the earliest she will be out of prison – for good behavior – will be in 2015.

That’s a great relief to the entire domain community, along with others that she repeatedly scammed. As ‘Andrea Deluca’ she set up fake corporations and befriended unsuspected professionals on LinkedIn and angel investor networks.

Meanwhile, a hearing on charges of ‘petit theft‘ is still pending a pretrial on February 5th. This should add more imprisonment time among killers, rapists and other select species of the Florida fauna.

If you are not familiar with scammer Starlita Similienor ‘Andrea Jamie Deluca’ as her recent alias has been – you are in for a Friday reading delight.

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