Two great, liquid numeric domains owned by Chinese domain investors

8.CO is being auctioned currently.

8 is a lucky number, 8888888888 is luckier.

It’s the new era of domain investing; numerical domains, where anything goes and every number is “premium.”

From 1 digit to 63 digits to the left of the dot, numbers are in, just because the Chinese domain investors said so.

If you haven’t joined the bandwagon, you might be missing out.

Thousands of domainers are already trading the ‘penny stock‘ dot com numerics, in a frenzy that has seen no equal, since the days before the Great Depression.

What drives this carnivorous appetite of Chinese domainers for numeric domains? Nothing other than the double or multiple meaning of numbers as words and phrases.

While it’s that simple, the length of numeric domain registrations has reached ridiculous echelons. Consider the following two domains, both in the hands of Chinese domainers:

Don’t miss other such great numeric domains available on domain venues around the Internet.

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  1. Abdu says: was registered for 7 years before it dropped (source DomainTools).

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