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Seven points: Does the constant promotion of Domain Auctions benefit bidders?


These days, domain auction venues really want to ‘milk’ it; advertising auctions for days, and up to the last minute via email campaigns and social media.

Obviously, while this is beneficial for the seller and the domain venue, it’s not necessarily good for the bidders. 😉

Here’s a list of seven points, on why we think that domain venues need to return to the mystique that once surrounded domain auctions:

  1. By inviting many bidders via newsletters, emails and social media, those that want the domain have to pay more for it. Good for the venue and the seller.
  2. More bidders can also mean new bidder ids that are hard to recognize; the venue ‘regulars’ feel nervous when they don’t know who they bid against.
  3. Inviting many to the party can often crash it; most domain auction venues often extend such failed auctions until the following day.
  4. Some auctions are for ‘sensitive’ domains that might be borderline trademarks; previous owners might also catch whiff of the auction and then all hell can break loose.
  5. Constant email notifications for a particular group of auctions might falsely mark such email as spam; future notifications are blocked as a result.
  6. After a domain auction has been pumped and hyped to notorious levels, the new owner of the domain will have a hard time keeping their acquisition under wraps.
  7. The domain might not be that great, after all, raising questions about any particular agreement that might have ensued for its promotion.

Then again, your mileage might vary, so #KeepControl. 😉

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