Ammar Kubba is the winner of the #domain auction!

Domain investor and entrepreneur, Ammar Kubba, won the DropCatch auction for The blogger spent a whopping $42,550 dollars for this premium, one word .com domain. Ammar and his lovely wife are permanent residents of Las Vegas, and his corporation, afterTHOUGHT Inc., is based there as well. What would Ammar Kubba do with the […]

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Help Ammar Kubba make $2 million dollars with this #domain name!

This is your chance to help a fellow domain investor make $2 million dollars, and the transaction involves a domain name – then again it doesn’t. How’s that possible? 😀 Ammar Kubba is popular for his involvement in the domain industry and DomainTools in particular. Now, Ammar’s goal is to make – almost – $2 […]

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Domain bachelor no more : Ammar Kubba is tying the knot!

Ammar Kubba, one of the domain industry’s most elusive bachelors, ends his long tenure today. The founder of Thought Convergence has a brand new focus in his life: wife-to-be Josephine, to whom he’s been engaged for a while. Josephine and Ammar are tying the proverbial knot later today, skipping domains and investing in a lifetime […]

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Domain investor Ammar Kubba‘s initial shock, after discovering that the newly acquired domain was stolen, didn’t last long. Kubba acquired the domain ‘in good faith’, after its seller assured the broker handling the exchange, that the domain had been in his possession legitimately. Ultimately, award-winning French photojournalist, Ammar Abd Rabbo responded in public about […]

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Ammar Kubba buys domain

Popular domain investor, Ammar Kubba, announced the acquisition of the domain name Currently forwarding to his About.Me page, the domain name changed hands today, after being sold apparently by French-Syrian journalist and photographer, Ammar Abd Rabbo. Kubba did not disclose the sum he paid for acquiring his first name in a dot .com; it […]

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The sale of by Thought Convergence, the bootstrapping start-up founded by domain investor Ammar Kubba, was not that surprising. After all, paid a pretty penny for a pair of rare items that was included in the sale, raising the price and valuation of to millions of dollars. “I had to give away […]

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Ammar Kubba: Domainer Deal or no Deal?

And now for some exclusive domainer news: Popular Thought Convergence entrepreneur, Ammar Kubba, is testing the TV network waters, with a new show based off the popular “Deal or No Deal” series. Titled, “Domainer Deal or no Deal?” the networked licensed show will feature prominent domainers that attempt to close a domain sale, all while […]

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Sahar meets James Cameron – Lands deal for ‘Avatar 2’

Sahar Sarid of is no newcomer to acting in movies. After his role as Spiky in the Star Trek spoof “Domainers Trek“, he got involved with the Hollywood film-making elite, including famous producers and directors. After the huge success of Avatar in the theaters, Sahar announced he has met James Cameron and the first […]

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