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eNom Girl visits Asia: An amazing Domain Journey

Late last year we wrote about the so-called “eNom girl” – called “backpack girl” by eNom itself 🙂 It appears that the beautiful all-American blonde – a model of several pictures taken by her photographer brother – has now taken a virtual trip to Asia. Of all countries that one could imagine seeing the eNom […]

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eNom Girl: An all-American Parking icon

For the past five years, an image of a smiling girl carrying a backpack has captivated the minds of visitors of numerous websites that are sitting idle, undeveloped. The photograph is being used by domain registrar eNom and is internally referred to as “the backpack girl” – although many domainers use the term “eNom girl” […]

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Dude – You’ve been Saxrolled!

Remember those “15 minutes of fame” that Andy Warhol talked about? You don’t? Well, that was said way back in 1968 and you probably weren’t born yet. With YouTube recently upping their max video length from 10 to 15 minutes, this is now entirely feasible verbatim! So what is the latest web phenomenon? A crafty […]

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