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eNom Girl: An all-American Parking icon

For the past five years, an image of a smiling girl carrying a backpack has captivated the minds of visitors of numerous websites that are sitting idle, undeveloped.

The photograph is being used by domain registrar eNom and is internally referred to as “the backpack girl” – although many domainers use the term “eNom girl” to refer to that particular photograph.

It seems that the image was noted for its gregarious features, not only by domainers that are inherently “geeky”  about all things related to domains, but also by outsiders with an eye trained to look for the beautiful or the bizarre.

The famous “eNom girl” as commissioned by Parker Ito to Chinese artists.

Parker Ito is a digital artist from California who is drawn to the “aesthetics of Internet” – namely, “beauty, horror, cats, porn, shininess” – commissioned several copies of the “eNom girl” to Chinese artists who draw paintings from pictures.

Says, Parker Ito:

In 2005, one year before I would become a professional Internet surfer, the online international micro stock photography provider IStockphoto copyrighted the Attractive Student image into its stock photo library. Since its inception into the IStockphoto library, the Attractive Student- smiling, blonde female wearing a backpack image has become the most widely used stock portrait on the Internet today.

Parker Ito went on to commission paintings of the “eNom girl’s” photo to artists in China, simply because he found it to be as iconic and engaging as any piece of the all-American pop culture, a digital projection of a now late Andy Warhol.

In regard to the paintings, they might be considered in relation to Warhol’s Marilyn series of silkscreened paintings. Both Marilyn Monroe and “the parked domain girl” are icons of emptiness–Monroe was (in her media representation) a blank slate for sexual desire, the parked domain girl is (in her media representation) a symbol of sites without content.

Parker Ito showcases the object of his desire at his web site, ParkerIto.com

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9 Responses to “eNom Girl: An all-American Parking icon”
  1. andrew says:

    Incidentally, the picture was take at The University of Texas.

  2. Pat says:

    According to the photographer it was taken somewhere around Kansas City, MO…


    … and she’s happily married.

  3. .pH says:

    @andrew –

    That would account for the Portrait on Velvet appeal.

  4. I thought she was known as “the domain girl”.

    She probably wasn’t paid enough for that photo that has been used as a lander on pages that have brought in millions in revenues.

  5. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Andrew – Thank you for supplying this information

    Pat – She has some impressive cheekbones 😀

    .pH – Good observation 😉

    Domain Report – She’s known by that name as well. When one signs a model release their revenue stream ends there, unfortunately.

  6. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Here are more iStockPhoto images of Hannah Steller – the iconic eNom girl 😀

  7. Haha, I hate that picture. Every time I think of a domain name the domain is taken and has that picture on it.

  8. Parker says:

    Hey Lucius,

    I couldn’t find your email. Thanks for writing about the project. Would you be interested in buying a painting? Apparently the photographer only made 60 cents off the photo.


  9. Parker says:

    I am beautiful and bizarre.

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