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Brand #tattoo : #InterNetX CMO shows off love for the company!

InterNetX is a great company to work for, and its co-founder and CMO, Hakan Ali, wants the world to know that. And why not? The German company’s AutoDNS platform is a mature domain-centric product with two decades in development. Hakan Ali declared his lifelong commitment to InterNetX by getting the brand’s monogram tattooed on his […]

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#AutoDNS by InterNetX: Interview with the makers of a paradigm-shifting #domain management platform

InterNetX spans more than two decades of active design and development of domain name and hosting solutions. The German company has more than 3.8 million domains under management, including all available ccTLDs and gTLDs. With more than 3,000 hosted servers, InterNetX is one of the most successful providers for resellers and professional users on the […]

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#AutoDNS : New features in the latest beta release by #InterNetX

AutoDNS, the multi-discipline management system by InterNetX, is aimed at a wide spectrum of domain and DNS management providers. Whether as a hosting solution sidekick, a domain portfolio management solution, or a solution for domain Registrars, AutoDNS is under strenuous development. Domain management, performance and security services are now combined in one interface and can […]

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