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Turakhia brothers: How to make $100 million dollars before the age of 40

The Times of India have a special feature article that includes brothers Divyank Turakhia, 32 and Bhavin Turakhia, 34 – the Internet entrepreneurs from India, known for their involvement in several domain ventures. Titled, “How to make $100 million before turning 40”, the article includes other successful Indian entrepreneurs, who achieved the feat of amassing […]

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Turakhia brothers: Millionaire investors focusing on gTLD domains

Brothers Bhavin Turakhia and Divyank Turakhia are barely into their thirties, and yet, the Indian entrepreneurs became multi-millionaires, after Endurance International Group acquired the web business part of Directi for approximately $100 million dollars. A fresh article in the Economic Times of India, details the early steps of the two brothers, beginning with a small […]

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.PW Registry addresses recent explosion in spam emails from .PW domains

Donesh Laher, Cyber Security Analyst for the .PW Registry and Directi, is addressing the recent coverage of spam originating from .PW domain registrations: Hello All, We are aware about the spam-outbreak and have spent the past month and a half by undertaking a massive cleanup initiative. We have not waited for the Registrars to investigate […]

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