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Nicolas Sarkozy: Bien fait, citoyen François!

French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, sent a congratulatory telegram to Francois of Domaining.com, minutes ago. Visibly proud of the services that Francois offers to the domain blogging community, the French president stated, laconically: “Well done, citizen François!” Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife are both avid readers of Domaining.com and were very concerned about its 48 hour […]

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DNJournal confirms: Rick Latona emerges as the new Domain King

A week ago we wrote about the imminent crowning ceremony of Rick Latona, as the new Domain King. The confirmation of our exclusive article comes in this week’s DNJournal special – the equivalent of Time magazine’s cover story – and Rick Latona is the domainer to have made the biggest splash in the current year. […]

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