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The Cordoba Caper: Sylvester Stallone sued over Expendables script

According to Reuters, Sylvester Stallone is accused in a lawsuit of copying another writer’s screenplay to make “The Expendables“, a movie about mercenaries hired to defeat a military dictator. Reuters continues: The lawsuit was filed in Manhattan federal court on Tuesday by writer Marcus Webb, who said the screenplay for “The Expendables” is “strikingly similar […]

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Team ‘Kubba’ wins the Game and the Title of ‘Domainer Badass’

A few days ago we had a live poll with a layout of The Domainers – a detailed spoof of The Expendables. It seems that the winner was decided pretty much on the day of DomainFest; that’s when the crowds gathered around to share the fun that is DomainGang.com Needless to say that Ammar Kubba […]

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The Domainers – Details from the Secret Gathering of Elite Domainers!

As promised yesterday, today we break the news of the secret gathering of elite domainers. The gathering took place at a small island in the Caribbean and the discussion revolved around the present situation and the future of domaining. This elite group of domainers are about to take matters in their own hands and need […]

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