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gTLD #domains : Dot .Boston surpasses dot .Africa

A few weeks ago, we noted the irregular climb of dot .Boston, after several strategic acquisitions by Epik sent .Boston soaring. In mid-December, registrations for dot .Boston crossed 20,000 domains, with a single day jump of 10,000 domain names. With this big leap in registrations, most of which appear to have ended up at Epik […]

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Epik #domain registrations : #Boston is getting closer to #Africa

The beauty of new gTLDs: they can grow in separate verticals, registered by a common subset of registrants. For example, domain investors from Africa might also register .Boston domains, due to the city’s cultural appeal as a New England metropolis. Back in November, we pointed out how fast dot .Boston grew, thanks to the apparent […]

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El Día de los Muertos – by Father Domainicus

My dear domainers, this is Father Domainicus with a special Monday message. Today it’s el Día de los Muertos and as I have a special bond with the Latin-American countries I will take a few moments to explain how domainers are related to this celebration of the Day of the Dead. Recent events have caused […]

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