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Frank Schilling & The Robot : NameJet domain bidding explained!

Today we bring you an exclusive insider’s view of Frank Schilling‘s bidding processes on NameJet. One of the most popular domain aftermarket and auctioning platforms, NameJet attracts seasoned domain investors and end users alike. It is not a secret that like most domain entrepreneurs, Frank Schilling operates an active account on NameJet. Frank shares with […]

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STFO! Frank Schilling grabs Pantylines.com and other domains

Uber-domainer Frank Schilling is u-n-s-t-o-p-p-a-b-l-e. The Germany-born Canadian resident of the Caymans has been known to bid on NameJet domain auctions very frequently. Although Frankie’s budget for such auctions has become a bit more frugal, he still manages to grab some juicy domains at very nice prices. Examples of domains won by Frank Schilling and […]

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