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Edward Snowden: GoDaddy coupon codes contain NSA eavesdropping microcode

In one of the biggest domain scandals since founder Bob Parsons shot down an aging elephant, GoDaddy is apparently involved in a secret collaboration with the NSA. Thousands of GoDaddy customers often use GoDaddy coupons, in order to register or renew domain names at GoDaddy.com. While most of these codes make domaining affordable by dropping […]

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Domain registrations: GoDaddy now confirms your email

The beginning of a new year is notoriously known for introducing new laws, regulations and other such annoyances, by the State and Federal Government. Not to be outdone, ICANN now requires that registrants get verified, and that registrars employ at least one such method of verification. Having registered our first pair of domains for 2014 […]

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NamePros: Best source for GoDaddy discount coupon codes

Just like every other smart domainer out there, we’re always on the lookout for good deals in domain registrations. Retail pricing for GoDaddy domains is almost 50% higher than other registrars – including the newcomer, NameBright. So what do you do in order to get better pricing at GoDaddy? You use coupon codes. Some GoDaddy […]

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