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Elder Pastitsios: Satiric Facebook page creator sentenced to jail

Almost sixteen months ago, we reported the enforcement of an outdated Greek law related to insulting one’s religion, in a case that involved the arrest of the creator of a parody Facebook page. “Pastitsios the Elder” poked fun at a long-demised monk, whose name – Paisios – rhymed with a popular Greek pasta dish, pastitsio. […]

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Golden Dawn: Frank Schilling’s .com a magnet of international political traffic

It’s not uncommon for a beautiful name to be used as a cover for something sinister and pure evil. The name “Golden dawn” signifies a shiny rising of the sun, peeking from behind a mountain top, making the treetops shimmer. Unfortunately, it’s also the name of a political party in Greece, that somehow managed to […]

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Dated Greek blasphemy law lands guy in prison for satiric Facebook page

A Greek law that punishes blasphemy against “the holy” has landed the creator of a satiric Facebook page in prison, at least temporarily. Facebook removed the humorous page, that depicted “Pastitsios the Elder” – a mockery of a popular late Greek monk by the name of Paisios. Pastitsio is a Greek pasta and ground beef […]

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