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Fake Turkish #IQOS store leads to another #UDRP win for Philip Morris Products S.A.

It’s already established that Philip Morris, manufacturers of the iqos product, has been setting new UDRP records. In early June, we observed a total of 197 cases all of which Philip Morris won. It’s the last day in July, and the current total is 235 UDRP cases, with some of them involving more than one […]

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#Smokeless tobacco #domains : Philip Morris is probably the most active #UDRP Complainant in #WIPO history!

A few months ago we took note of how active Philip Morris has been at the WIPO and NAF, filing UDRP cases against domains infringing on the company’s super valuable trademarks. The tobacco and smokeless products company has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in its IQOS and HEET brands, and it has no problem […]

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#IQOS .com : From a #Sedo domain sale to a multi-billion dollar #smokeless brand

Philip Morris International (PMI) is a multi-billion dollar corporation producing tobacco products, one of which is the IQOS electronic cigarette. The IQOS device is very popular; initially launched in 2014 in Nagoya, Japan and Milan, Italy, IQOS is being gradually rolled out to other countries; by the end of 2016 it was available in over […]

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